Moncton’s position on the local governance reform / Moncton souhaite la pleine municipalisation

Elected officials are tired of “subsidizing other communities” June 28, 2021 Acadie-Nouvelle Moncton Mayor Dawn Arnold wants to make her city’s point of view heard in the consultations led by the provincial government, which has plans to reform local governance. “As the largest city in the province, Moncton is the economic engine of New Brunswick,”Continue reading “Moncton’s position on the local governance reform / Moncton souhaite la pleine municipalisation”

How to Fix New Brunswick’s Local Government Patchwork

By Jon Taylor and Zack TaylorLocal government in New Brunswick is a jerry-rigged product of 60 years of tinkering and halfmeasures.Despite nearly 30 in-depth studies and reports, its inherent problems remainunresolved: the democratic deficit in unincorporated areas, an inequitable distribution of tax burdens, uncontrolled sprawl near urban areas, and overcentralization of authority at the provincialContinue reading “How to Fix New Brunswick’s Local Government Patchwork”

Media Advisory May 27, 2021

New Brunswick can make local government more democratic and accountable: Report The New Brunswick government’s local governance reform initiative is a nationally significant opportunity to improve local democracy. Today, 30% of New Brunswickers do not have elected local representation. There is widespread concern about inequitable tax burdens and sprawl around the larger cities, and someContinue reading “Media Advisory May 27, 2021”